Born in Japan

Resided   in New York since  1991 to 2001

Solo & Group Show

2009                F under Ground                                    platform studio                 Tokyo

2008                STRANGERS           solo show            platform studio                 Tokyo

                        "LE JAPON SOUS INFLUENCE"  le montenlair   paris

2006                card show              junon                                                               Tokyo

2004                2 men show          corn field                                                          Shizuoka

2000                I LIVE  HERE        California collage of art & craft                        SF

2000                LEGAL ACTION COMIC       CBGB GALLERY                NY

1999                NY Press illustrators     CB’s 313  Gallery                                     NY

2001-1996      Max Fish Cartoon show                                                                  NY

1991                Ikebukuro Seibu Loft  Gallery Space  Solo Show                         Tokyo

illustration works


In America

The New Yorker, The New York Times, New York Press,

Seattle Stranger, Washington City Paper, Metro,Boston Phoenix,

Wfmu, governing magazine,PC magazine,

Kimsrecord, Yomiyuri America,National Post(canada)......

In Japan

Kodansha,Shityosha,FoodBusiness Magazine, Magazine House,

Cartoon “Tokyo NewYork”

Running  1993-2001 by weekly

NewYork Press, Metro, Metropolitan, Colon, www.word.com


2005    somewhere in 21st century             bulbcomx 2wsetO

2003   ‘Tokyo Newyork”           published   tom’s box  in Japan

1997   “Zarebong “ with G.panter, Kaz, mark Beyer,Nina Paley.     published in Japan

also, appeared   Nozon #8,  Legal Action comix vol.1,2  (2001,2003,)

Typhon (2008 )    danny hellman                in  USA